Simple & easy 1-on-1 computer-coaching and software tuition

Life is too short for complicated computer training… It drains the brain, it’s not fun at all, and it’s not very effective either. That’s why we’ve developed the easy “learn iT – use iT” technique.

You learn on your own PC at your own pace, with one of our experienced computer coaches right by your side. You can ask as many questions as you like and our patient people will address them, one at a time… not with difficult theory but with practical and uncomplicated answers, so that you can easily master each level.

It’s really fun and it’s really easy. Guaranteed.

If you live in the greater Sydney metropolitan area, we can come to you whenever it suits you. In a nutshell, we give you the PC skills and the confidence to learn the basics and then master specific skills so that you can achieve more online and in everyday computing, uploading, downloading, printing and scanning.

You can learn:

  • A good level of PC expertise from the basics right up to advanced
  • How to search and navigate around the internet, safely and easily
  • Just how easy it is to send email, use EBay, connect with others using Facebook, perform banking, and purchase online
  • Tips & tricks for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook
  • How to create Slide Shows and do Photo/Video Editing
  • Burn audio CDs and transfer vinyl records and tapes to digital formats
  • Specific skills that match your interests!

Check out our courses or contact us now for more information.