What do we teach?

We teach you how to easily and effectively use your desktop, netbook or laptop computer, how to protect it against hackers and viruses, and how to surf the internet without getting drenched! We also instruct people on how to get the most out of all of today’s most popular software programs… for business or pleasure, or a bit of both.

We can also show you how to use and interface digital cameras with computers, how to compile and burn music CDs, and how to create amazing digital photo albums too!

Our fully customisable course list is featured below. Click on the subjects that are of interest to you to discover how long each takes to master, the typical subject matter covered, and how much each one costs.

We’re constantly adding new subjects so check here regularly for additions or email us at training@softec.com.au and we will keep you informed.

Our Courses

    Discover how to download all types of files across fixed and removable media in the most efficient and productive way
    Deleting is not the same as uninstalling – find out how to best remove what you don’t want and free up your PC
    Learn how to better use some terrific functionality that this program has, that most people are not even aware of
  • Powerpoint Pro
    Learn how to get more punch out of your Power Point presentations
  • Excel @ Excel
    Learn all about using the Excel spreadsheet program, as you personally need to use it. Experienced or beginners
    Learn all you need to know to enjoy music in a digital format
    Learn all you need to know to make digital photograph taking, printing and file retrieval on to your PC fast and uncomplicated.
    A straightforward approach to mastering the world of emailing. Learn the latest ways to send, retrieve emails, and more.
    An easy to understand module that teaches how to correctly set up software use online banking securely, and protect against viruses
    A hands-on course to avoid the obstacles, protect your privacy, and enjoyment of surfing the world wide web.

How do I pay?

We accept payment in person by cash or cheque or via the website with your credit card – Mastercard or Visa. Note that credit card payment will incur a 3% processing charge on top of all course list prices.

Installment payments are accepted under some circumstances, and a travel surcharge may also apply subject to your location. Call or email for details.

Computer software and hardware upgrading services.

In addition to the courses outlined on this website, we also provide services such as upgrading software & hardware of your computer, and accessories such as printers and scanners, to the latest Microsoft operating systems. Contact us now for a quote.