Compiling, converting and enjoying digital music.

  • Course description:

  • Learn all you need to know to enjoy music in a digital format.
  • Course type:

  • Face-to-face at your place.
  • Course duration:

  • Experienced users: 2 hours – in one session.
  • Beginners: 6 hours – across 3 to 4 sessions.
  • Components:

  • Ripping your CDs to MP3 or Windows Media Audio format; file management; use of audio playback programs; safe and legal music file downloading.
  • Cost of Course:

  • Experienced users: $240 (paid upfront) incl GST.
  • Beginners: $600 (paid upfront) incl GST. Or $670 (instalments) incl GST.

Note: An additional travel surcharge may apply, subject to location. Call or email for details.