Who do we help?

We help all kinds of people learn how to get the most out of computers, digital technology and the internet… from absolute beginners to those seeking a refresher course on the latest versions of software after being out of the workforce for a while.

Our aim is to take away the fear and break down lessons into easily achieved levels, and then build from there. If you are one of the following types of people, we can help you become totally computer literate and not feel left behind!

So who can benefit from ‘learn iT, use iT’?

  • People who have never turned on a computer
  • People who fear it when others leave the room
  • People wanting to upskill
  • People who need recommendations for hardware, whether it’s for a new laptop, netbook or a full desktop system
  • People who wonder if their broadband supplier is doing the best for their needs
  • People wondering how to move photos from either their email or camera to the computer
  • People who are in a rush to learn
  • Family members who no matter how much you’ve shown them in the past still ‘don’t get it’
  • People who think, “there has got to be a faster way”
  • People who’ve been to group training and walked away even more confused then when they first went it